05/20/2012 07:24 EDT | Updated 07/20/2012 05:12 EDT

Orwell Corner puts out welcome mat for flock of geese

P.E.I.'s historic village, Orwell Corner, has added a new, noisy addition to its list of attractions. Eighteen geese will call the site home for the summer.

The village hosted a couple of geese last year. But manager Tom LeClair didn't expect to take on an entire flock this year.

"A couple of weeks ago, I had a call from a lady wanting to ask if I could keep a few geese for her for the summer," he said. "She arrived with the geese, and a few had morphed into 18. So now I'm the proud owner — for the next couple of months at least — of a flock of 18 geese of mixed breeds. They're very loud."

Despite the large number, LeClair said the geese are a welcome addition because they come with a helpful skill.

"They're great guard animals — nothing escapes their observation and they raise an alarm every time they see something unusual and 18 of them can raise quite an alarm. We have probably never had such good watch dogs for quite a while," he joked.

The geese will walk freely around the village. Orwell Corner opens May 22.