05/23/2012 12:48 EDT | Updated 07/23/2012 05:12 EDT

Should there be a fixed link to Toronto Island?

It's worth building a fixed pedestrian and bike link to Toronto Island, says Toronto-based writer and columnist John Lorinc.

In an interview with CBC's Metro Morning, Lorinc called the current ferry system anachronistic, saying that it forces people to wait for too long to get to a vibrant public space.

"I avoid the islands and have so for a long time because it's very tiring to get over there and get back," he said.

Lorinc's comments come after a busy long weekend that frustrated thousands who waited in long lines to go to and from the island. It was later revealed that the ferries were still operating on a spring schedule instead of a summer schedule.

Lorinc stressed that the link should be only for pedestrians and cyclists in order to keep the islands car-free. One possibility is to extend the tunnel that will be constructed between the mainland and Billy Bishop airport on the island, he said.

Soon after the interview aired, people took to Twitter in droves to voice their opinions on the issue. A compilation of some of those comments is shown below.