05/23/2012 07:00 EDT | Updated 07/23/2012 05:12 EDT

Yukon Conservative MP welcomes federal court action

Conservative members of Parliament are asking a federal court to dismiss an application to review the last election results in seven ridings, including the Yukon.

Some voters are challenging the results in those ridings. They say they experienced irregularities, including being misdirected on polling locations by robocalls.

Yukon’s member of Parliament, Ryan Leef, said he's glad to hear the investigation is now before the courts.

"Let's let the full picture play out instead of the political football and drama that often gets picked up and exaggerated in the media and people do enjoy that a bit - the stirring of the pot," said Leef.

"This is going to be a forum where there's not a lot of drama. There's going to be the facts and I think Canadians finally deserve that. They're going to get an opportunity to hear it, and I'm obviously looking forward to that."

Leef won the Yukon riding in May of last year by 132 votes.

There have been complaints in the Yukon of robocalls directing people to the wrong polling station.

Seven members of Parliament have submitted documents arguing the applications for judicial review were filed too late and don't contain specific allegations that would demand the election results be overturned.