05/30/2012 11:30 EDT | Updated 07/30/2012 05:12 EDT

Montreal torso investigation connected to Ottawa body parts

Montreal police now say some links exist between the torso discovered in a Montreal trash pile and a hand and foot found in the mail system in Ottawa.

However, they said they will not disclose the connection until they have more information from expert analysis.

Ottawa police have confirmed packages uncovered yesterday were sent from Montreal.

Police haven't identified the Montreal victim, but say the dismembered torso discovered in a Côte-des-Neiges trash pile Tuesday was male.

They said Wednesday morning investigators are close to identifying a suspect in the torso case.

The suitcase containing the decomposing remains was found in a large garbage pile at Place Lucy and the Décarie Tuesday morning.

The building's janitor made the discovery.

Mike Nadeau told CBC News he first noticed the suitcase in a large garbage pile last week, but only opened it Tuesday after people complained about a stench in the air.

The two human body parts found in Ottawa — a foot mailed to the Conservative Party of Canada headquarters and a hand found at a Canada Post terminal — were sent from the same point of origin, Ottawa police have confirmed.

However, they were addressed to two different locations.

Police won't say if the remains were from the same body or where the second package was destined.

Ottawa police did confirm to CBC Montreal police will now lead the investigation into the hand and foot.