05/31/2012 01:23 EDT | Updated 07/31/2012 05:12 EDT

Fans react to Nicklas Lidstrom retiring after 20-year career

There is no question; it doesn't get any bigger than the Stanley Cup final.

The memories left behind once the final buzzer goes last a lifetime in the minds of hockey fans everywhere.

The LA Kings and New Jersey Devils are set to embark on the creation of a new chapter of memories that will be witnessed on Hockey Night in Canada (CBC and

To get you set for this year's final, @hockeynight asked the fans to tweet their all time greatest #HNIC Stanley Cup final moments.

Here are some of the best tweets:

Jacob Scully‏@JustCub@hockeynight "And now a 24th StanleyCup banner will hang from the rafters at the famous forum in Montreal the Canadiens win the Stanley Cup"

Andrew Kurpis‏@AndrewKurpis@hockeynight Darren McCarty slipping around Janne Niinimaa and Ron Hextall and scoring the 3rd period Cup-winning goal for Detroit in 1997.

Ryan White‏@RWhiteGoose @hockeynight "They have time to kill now folks. Time to kill now." Bob Cole's unreal call before Pisani's OT winner sending it back to EDM.

Danielle Duperreault‏@HockeyQueen01 @hockeynight 1994 when NY and NJ play to go to the final, OT Messier promised a win n came out with a hat trick n they won #BecauseItsTheCup

Branden Crowe‏@branden_crowe@hockeynight When I was 8 and dad let me stay up to watch Brett Hull score the Cup winner in double OT in '99. #becauseitsthecup

Christian Haines‏@hainesy93 @hockeynight Game 7, Avalanche vs Devils, Sakic hands the cup right over to Ray Bourque. Childhood memory, and a magical moment. #HNIC

Todd Wareham‏@WarehamTodd@hockeynight when the first newfoundlander, Danny Cleary won the stanley cup with the #RedWings in 2008 #becauseitsthecup

Bob Boyechko‏@TeacherBohdan@hockeynight May 19, 1984 Oiler's first Cup. 5 years previous we weren't in the NHL. That was surreal!

Alia‏@MizzzAlia @hockeynight When Stevie Y gave Konstinov the cup in 98 when he was wheeled onto the Ice! I cried! #becauseitsthecup

Ryannosaurus‏@ryanray807 @hockeynight Stevens throws it into the corner, Elias digs it out and sends it in front of the net to Arnott #becauseitsthecup #HNIC

Colton Schindler‏@Shit_Brick_31 @hockeynight the 72 boston stanley cup finals when bobby Orr had his iconic goal #BecauseItsTheCup #golden

Eileen Onya‏@EileenOnya@hockeynight Seeing Patrick Roy wink @ Tomas Sandstrom in the '93 finals. @CanadiensMTL #becauseitsthecup #hnic #stanleycupfinal ;)