British billionaire Richard Branson has tweeted an apology for inviting B.C. Premier Christy Clark to join him for some naked tandem kitesurfing.

"Kitesurfing 'check the dress code' comment was a joke. Apologies if anyone took it seriously or thought it in bad taste, no offence meant," Branson tweeted on Friday morning.

The apology came after Branson invited Clark to go kitesurfing with him during a recent promotional trip to Vancouver.

A few days later, Branson posted a photo of himself on his blog kitesurfing with a naked young woman on his back, saying he forgot to tell Clark about the dress code.

At the time, Clark responded that the joke was disrespectful and quipped that if that was Branson' best pickup line, then it was no surprise his company is called Virgin. The photo also provoked much criticism online and on Twitter.

Clark accepted Branson's apology for the insensitive joke, during an appearance at an unrelated event on Friday.

"Lighthearted jokes often have a place, but I didn't think this was the place for it and he says he doesn't think so on reflection. So I accept his apology wholeheartedly and I thank him for making it," she said.

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