06/04/2012 08:08 EDT | Updated 08/04/2012 05:12 EDT

Child killer Turcotte to learn release decision

Guy Turcotte, the former Quebec cardiologist who killed his two young children, will learn today whether he will be released from Pinel Institute.

Turcotte has been detained at the psychiatric facility in Montreal since being found not criminally responsible for the homicides by a jury in 2011. He, his lawyers, and several experts have appeared before a mental health review board at Pinel several times since, and the board is expected to render its decision regarding a potential release Tuesday morning.

Turcotte admitted he stabbed his children, Anne-Sophie, 3, and Olivier, 5, in February 2009 in a rented home north of Montreal.

The 39-year-old physician was charged with first-degree murder, but denied intent, claiming he was deeply distraught about the collapse of his marriage.

At the conclusion of his trial, the jury decided Turcotte was suffering from a mental disorder at the time of the killings.