A teenaged victim of the weekend shooting rampage at the landmark Eaton Centre was in a coma in critical condition Monday after surgery for a gunshot wound to his head, a relative said.

Connor Stevenson, 13, of Port Hope, Ont., had been enjoying an afternoon going to a movie with his mom and older sister when they got caught up in the bloody food-court mayhem.

Doctors had removed a piece of his skull to relieve swelling and were keeping him in an induced coma as his parents Joanne and Craig and sister Taylor, 15, and other close family members maintained a bedside vigil.

"He has moved his arms and legs — that's a good sign,'' the relative, who asked not to be named, told The Canadian Press.

"As far as anything else, no one knows.''

The relative said it was still too early to know exactly what Connor's prognosis would be.

However, she said the entire family was still in shock.

"This has hit very close to home,'' the relative said.

"It's devastating. You never think something like this is going to happen to your family.''

Meanwhile, the Eaton Centre re-opened Monday with the only obvious sign of Saturday's bloody chaos the closed food court where a gunman sprayed bullets, killing one person and wounding six others.

As visitors and tourists began filling the mall, retailers said they felt reassured a suspect had turned himself in and was in custody but said they were not particularly concerned about coming to work.

One retailer, Michael Mayne, admitted to feeling a "little tense'' as he began his workday at the centre, but said he believed the mall and city was safe.

"I'm a little on the edge,'' Mayne said. "If it's a gang-related situation, it doesn't stop there.''

Police said the man who died, Ahmed Hassan, 24, was believed to have gang ties, although it's not yet known if Saturday's rampage was gang-related.

They said they would release further information about the suspect at a news conference later in the day.

Police also said they would offer information to those clerks and visitors who left possessions behind when they fled the mayhem.

Eaton Centre spokeswoman Meredith Vlitas declined to discuss the situation.

"We're really trying to resume normal business operations as quickly as possible,'' Vlitas said.

"We would like to give our customers, tenants and staff the opportunity to recover from this tragedy and give everyone a chance to put this behind them and move on.''

In addition to those shot, a pregnant woman trampled in the chaotic rush for the exits was taken to hospital. One police source said the gunman likely escaped the mall even before officers were able to rush to the scene.

Besides Connor, a 23-year-old man also remained in critical condition.

Another retailer, Antonio Roberto, said, "These things do happen, unfortunately.''

"It is an isolated incident, and I feel safe,'' Roberto said. "Thank God it wasn't a bomb or a massive spraying of (bullets).''

As she helped open a clothing store, Karen Musytschka pointed out that the food-court was the equivalent of a "half-block away'' at one end of the cavernous mall.

"A lots of other things have happened a half block away from here, too,'' Musytschka said.

Connor's relative expressed frustration with what she called the lack of gun control in Canada and how gang wars lead to innocent people being victimized.

"These gangs seem to be just terrorizing towns and cities and families,'' the relative said.

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  • Flowers lie at the door as a member of a cleaning crew is pictured in the empty foyer of Toronto's Eaton Centre on Sunday, June 3, 2012. Police continue to investigate the Saturday's shooting which resulted in one death and seven injuries. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

  • Members of a cleaning crew are pictured in the window of Toronto's Eaton Centre on Sunday, June 3, 2012. Police continue to investigate the Saturday's shooting which resulted in one death and seven injuries. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

  • A police officer is pictured in the empty foyer of Toronto's Eaton Centre, as a colleague and his police cruiser is reflected in the window, on Sunday, June 3, 2012. Police continue to investigate the Saturday's shooting which resulted in one death and seven injuries. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young


    Toronto police order bystanders to clear a path so EMS can move the injured to transport. (Brian Trinh)

  • A male gunshot victim lies on the floor at the Urban Eatery food court in Toronto's Eaton Centre as EMS tends to his wounds. (Brian Trinh)

  • A female victim lies on the second floor at the Eaton Centre as EMS tends to her injuries. (Brian Trinh)

  • Male gunshot victim lies on the floor at the Urban Eatery food court in Toronto's Eaton Centre. (Brian Trinh)

  • Mall security officers escort workers during the chaos. (Brian Trinh)

  • Toronto police seal off entrances to the Eaton Centre to conduct their interior search. (Brian Trinh)

  • The intersection of Yonge and Dundas was blocked off while Toronto police conducted their search for the shooter. (Brian Trinh)

  • The scene outside the Queen Street entrance of the Eaton Centre on Saturday, June 2, 2012. (Brian Trinh)

  • Toronto Mayor Rob Ford watches the activity outside the Eaton Centre in Toronto, Saturday, June 2, 2012. A shooting that sparked mass panic at Toronto's Eaton Centre killed one person Saturday and injured seven others. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Victor Biro

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The Toronto Star has spoken with accused gunman Christopher Husbands' father, Burchell Husbands, who says he is scared his family will face relation from gang members.

“Right now the whole family’s scared,” he told the Star. “We don’t know who’s going to come here just now.”

According to Husbands, his son became involved in Regent Park gangs as a teenageer and recently survived an attack that left him with 20 stab wounds.

Read the full story at the Toronto Star.

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Toronto Police have released a photo of Ahmed Hassan, the 24-year-old man killed at the Eaton Centre.

ahmed hassan eaton centre shooting

Police have also posted a transcript of their statement from today's press conference here.

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The man killed in the Eaton Centre shooting was facing charges in Fort McMurray, Alta. for drug trafficking, reports the CBC.

Hassan was charged with trafficking cocaine in January 2010 along with five others.

CBC also reports that Hassan was a suspect in the murder of one of his co-accused.

Read the full article on CBC News.

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Christopher Husbands made his first court appearance today, reports the Globe and Mail.

Husbands, 23, is charged with one count of murder and six counts of attempted murder.

There are also reports of a gun being fired downtown just a few hours before the Eaton Centre shooting in the Alexanda Park neighbourhood, reports the Globe:

Mike Spicer said he heard gunshots and saw a man running east -- in the direction of the Eaton Centre -- while holding a gun. The man was running toward Spadina on a street several blocks south of College Street, Mr. Spicer said.

“We heard three shots fired, and we just said, ‘Oh, it sounds like a gun,’” he said. “And all three of us looked that were in the car and there was a guy running down the street toward us with a gun.”

He said the man was holding a handgun in his right hand as he ran. He described him as black and said he was wearing a grey hoodie and loose-fitting black jeans.

Police have so far declined to comment on reports of the Spadina-area shooting.

Councillor Adam Vaughan said it’s not clear how, or if, the two incidents are related. “For a while it looked like the two were directly connected, but they are part of the same issue we’ve been managing, or trying to manage, without any resources,” he said. “But it’s unclear now how intricately the two are related.”

Read the full story on the Globe's website.

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@ acoyne : Cops say suspect had just got out of jail (5 yrs) for crimes related to 2005 "Summer of Gun." http://t.co/S5mAvv2x

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"It's been a terrible couple of days," said Toronto Mayor Rob Ford at the press conference, repeating that he believes Toronto is the safest city in the world.

In response to a media question about city youth outreach, he said that he doesn't "think we need more youth workers. Proof is in the pudding, crime is going down every year."

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Det. Sgt Borg: "I do not believe this to be a gang-motivated shooting."

He added, "I believe there's personal aspects involved."

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Det. Sgt. Brian Borg has confirmed that 23-year-old Christopher Husbands of Toronto will be charged with one account of first degree murder and six accounts attempted murder.

Husbands surrendered to police at 2:20 a.m. last night with his lawyer present. He was under house arrest at the time of the shooting.

The autopsy of Ahmed Hassan was completed yesterday and the official cause of death is gun shot injuries.

The 23-year-old man still in hospital with neck and chest remains in critical condition.

The 13-year-old boy "continues to improve" and Det. Sgt. Borg says he is "extremely happy to report that both he and his family are doing well in spite of all that they have endured."

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@ TorontoPolice : Anyone with photo/video from shooting homicide at Eaton Centre is asked to send it to TPS Homcide via http://t.co/uQqXmfbS ~wd

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@ dwightdrummond : In an hour Toronto police will identify Christopher Husbands as the suspect in the Eaton Centre shooting.

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@ thekeenanwire : A bouquet left in the empty Eaton Centre food court. http://t.co/2FVjiPX3

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@ kimberlyviv : In the Eaton Centre... Urban Eatery is dead... So weird to see it that way.

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@ KatieSimpson24 : I'm told the Eaton Centre shooting suspect is either in his 20s or very early 30s. Further arrests are not expected. Full details coming up

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@ MarinaStrauss : Scene of the crime @ eaton centre. Pple staring down at fOod court in disbelief. Closed today. Reopening tomorrow http://t.co/7VnPhm3n

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The suspect in the shooting case turned himself into police last night at 2:30 a.m., accompanied by his lawyer reports the Globe and Mail.

Toronto Police will be providing an update on the suspect this afternoon.

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@ globeandmail : Torontonians remain unafraid in wake of Eaton Centre shooting http://t.co/1Cd0Cofi (from @globetoronto)

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Nick Kalakonis, 22, was hit in the thigh by a bullet, but considers himself lucky his injuries ended there.

"I feel grateful that I’m alive," he told the CBC. Read the full story here.

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@ globeandmail : Relatives of Eaton Centre shooting victims share their views on Toronto http://t.co/kcBa21bX (from @globetoronto)

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@ globeandmail : Stephen Harper and Dalton McGuinty respond to the Eaton Centre shooting http://t.co/Y1CVFTWh

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@ HiMYSYeD : Message written on Eaton Centre Door. #EatonCentreShooting #Toronto http://t.co/3yKMfaru

eaton centre shooting vigil

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Thirteen-year-old boy who suffered the most serious injury in the Eaton Centre shooting showing "signs of improvement," according to the National Post. Infographic details all known facts about the victims.

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@ Usualsuspectguy : At the vigil for the Eaton Centre shooting that happened yesterday taking place at Younge & Dundas Sq http://t.co/b4B1JjW4

eaton centre shooting vigil

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@ CBCharlsie : Crowd at Eaton Centre vigil has grown #sl http://t.co/NJWTJvpd

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A vigil for the Eaton Centre shooting victims will take place at Yonge-Dundas Square at 6 p.m.

The Facebook page advertising the vigil reads:

"On June 2, a horrible event happened in Toronto. Someone went into one of the city's favourite places, and decided to open fire. They killed one person, injured a few more, and the resulting chaos resulted in two more injured.

This is not Toronto."

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@ stephaniesmyth : #Toronto #EatonCentre to re-open for business tomorrow; however food court - scene of fatal #Mallshooting - to remain closed until Tuesday.

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford began his Sunday afternoon radio show with a statement on the Eaton Centre shooting.

"Every heart in Toronto was torn last night, as we all learned about the horrible tragedy that resulted from a senseless, cowardly crime," he said. Read the full statement on Blogs.canoe.ca.

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Both Toronto Police and Mayor Rob Ford are stressing that this is an isolated incident and Toronto is still a safe city.

"This is one very large horrific event, but it's not the state of the city of Toronto, it's an isolated incident," said deputy chief Jeff McGuire. "Please do not gauge the city on what we saw yesterday."

Ford called Toronto the "safest city in the world" and encouraged people to "go downtown, enjoy themselves, go out with their family, continue to live as they do."

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Police are releasing very few details about the investigation, only that the abundance of security cameras has proved "extremely fruitful" for investigators.

They are asking anyone who was at or around the Eaton Centre at the time of the shooting and has any information to call the homicide squad or Crimestoppers.

Anyone with photos or video from the scene are especially being urged to aid police in their investigation. Det. Sgt. Borg said police will release more details tomorrow on how witnesses can send in photos and video.

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford described yesterday's shooting as "very upsetting as the mayor and as a father. It wasn't a good day yesterday."

Ford is confident that the shooter will be caught.

"We will apprehend the suspect, I guarantee it," he said. "We're not going to tolerate this in our city and we will make an arrest."

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At a press conference, Det. Sgt. Brian Borg confirmed that the police believe they have identified the shooter, but have not released any details on their identity. As well, police say there is a possible gang connection as at least one of the victims has know gang ties.

"Our investigation clearly suggests this is a targeted shooting and not a random act of violence," said Det. Sgt. Borg.

He said police have not ruled out that there was a second target among the victims.

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