06/04/2012 10:02 EDT | Updated 08/04/2012 05:12 EDT

EI changes won't work, says MP

Changes to Employment Insurance will make it harder for fishermen to make a living and are unworkable, says Liberal fisheries critic and Cardigan MP Lawrence MacAulay.

The Conservative government is preparing changes to EI that will require people making regular claims to consider a broader range of available work. MacAulay is worried about where the changes are leading.

"I pray to god that they will not devastate us. They're going to put a great demand upon everybody. There will not be enough jobs," he said.

"My concern, when I sit back and wonder, [is] where they're going to go when they see that this does not work. Actually what they did was come in with an axe just to chop this EI program up. What they've proposed will not work. My concern is what they're going to do then."

Changes to Employment Insurance are expected to come into effect early next year.