06/11/2012 10:08 EDT | Updated 08/11/2012 05:12 EDT

Jury to begin deliberations in retired judge's murder trial

Jury deliberations begin Tuesday in the murder trial of retired Quebec City judge Jacques Delisle.

Delisle is accused of first-degree murder in the 2009 shooting death of his wife, Nicole Rainville.

Rainville was 71 when she was found dead in their Quebec City apartment with a gunshot wound to her head.

Delisle, a former Quebec Appeals Court judge, has pleaded not guilty to the accusation he shot his wife and maintains it was a suicide brought on by her struggle with the long-term effects of a stroke and broken hip.

Quebec Superior Court Judge Claude C. Gagnon spent Monday giving instructions to the jury, including a review of testimony from 29 witnesses heard through the course of the trial.

Witnesses included Delisle's mistress at the time of his wife's death, his son, and ballistics experts.

Crown prosecutors argued Delisle killed his wife because he was tired of caring for her, and wanted to start a new life with his lover without having to pay for an expensive divorce.

Delisle's defence was that Rainville was in the throes of depression and took her own life, and that reasonable doubt exists about Delisle's role in her death.