06/12/2012 10:16 EDT | Updated 08/12/2012 05:12 EDT

2nd teacher facing discipline for giving students zeros

A teacher, who is the second to face discipline for defying the "no-zero" marking policy at an Edmonton high school, told trustees on Tuesday that giving students zeros prompted them to complete tests and assignments.

Mike Tachynski teaches at Ross Sheppard High School, the same school as Lynden Dorval, the science and physics teacher who last month was indefinitely suspended for giving his students zeros.

Tachynski joined two other members of the public in speaking out against the policy at Tuesday's Edmonton Public School Board meeting. He prefaced his remarks by revealing that he was facing discipline for disobeying his principal's directive.

In his brief presentation, Tachynski told trustees about the difference he noticed when he started giving students zeros for missed tests and assignments about 10 days ago.

"Instantly the urgency was there," he said. "The following morning I had five kids waiting at my door at 7:30 in the morning waiting to get some of these zeros cleaned up."

Tachynski had 27 students make up 74 different quizzes and assignments. In the previous two months, he was approached by only two students.

Tachynski did not reveal what sort of discipline he is facing, and he declined to answer questions from reporters after his presentation.

Dorval has decided not to appeal his suspension and believes that he will be fired for speaking out against the "no zero" policy.

Edmonton public school officials have so far defended the policy. However, trustee Michael Janz introduced a motion on Tuesday which calls for a review. The motion isn't expected to be debated until the board's next meeting in September.