06/12/2012 02:19 EDT | Updated 08/12/2012 05:12 EDT

B.C. Shuswap community mourns for crash victims

The community of Sorrento, B.C., is trying to make sense of a highway collision in Saskatchewan that claimed the lives of three residents.

Doug Janzen, 47, and daughters Alli and Cassidy died in the crash near Saskatoon on Sunday. Their mother, Pat Janzen, is in a coma in a hospital in Regina and son Cody, 16, walked away with minor injuries.

The car the family was in tried to pass a tractor trailer and hit an SUV head on. Reuben Pauls, a pastor in Sorrento, says the family is well known in the community. "The first word is disbelief, 'Oh, not them,'" Pauls said. "And the next part is what now? How do you respond for the benefit for someone who is 16 years old whose mother is still in a coma? I mean, those issues are really tough."

Pauls says the community will come together to support the family. "One of the things that happens here is, if there's a community service, this community will just come out in force," he said.

"There's not a place around here big enough who will house the number of people who will show up and support."