06/12/2012 10:26 EDT | Updated 08/12/2012 05:12 EDT

Councillors vote to take down 'no fishing' signs

Toronto council's executive committee voted Tuesday to take down no-fishing signs along Lake Ontario just a week after they first put them up between Unwin Avenue and Sunnyside Park.

James Dann, the manager of Waterfront Parks, said his department decided to post the signs after receiving complaints about people fishing along the waterfront.

"Our existing parks bylaw across the city is that you are allowed to fish anywhere in the city unless it is signed otherwise. So where we've had these incidents, we've gone and put up signs," said Dann.

"Ultimately we take direction from council. If council tells us that they want more signs up, we can put more signs up. If they tell us they want to take signs down, in a matter of hours we can take the signs down."

The motion before the executive committee Tuesday proposed that "all public bodies along the lakeshore within City limits refrain from interfering with sport fishing unless the activity compromises public safety."

They also agreed to hold a 'fish summit' later this year to further study the problem.

Angus Armstrong, the harbourmaster for the Toronto Port Authority, says he doesn't think conflicts between anglers and others who enjoy the waterfront is a big problem. He said it's now a matter of engaging the public and those who live near the water to determine where people can safely fish.

"Although we control the water, we don't control most of the land at the waterfront," Armstrong said.

"So we are all for people coming down and doing the fishing, but it's going to be the stakeholders, the landowners that are going to have to make the decision of where that's going to be."