06/12/2012 11:48 EDT | Updated 08/12/2012 05:12 EDT

Quebec politician's daughter granted bail

The daughter of Québec Solidaire MNA Amir Khadir was released Tuesday on $2,000 bail, after spending five days in detention.

Yalda Machouf-Khadir, 19, was among five people arrested last Thursday in connection with acts of vandalism linked to the student conflict.

Machouf-Khadir faces 11 charges related to the ransacking of the Montreal North riding office of former Education Minister Line Beauchamp and a similar incident at l'Université de Montréal, where damage was estimated at more than $50,000.

Strict conditions set

Judge Hélène Morin set several conditions for Machouf-Khadir's release. She must live with her parents or her grandparents. She is prohibited from participating in any demonstration declared illegal. She may not alter her appearance in any way, and she is prohibited from carrying a backpack.

Machouf-Khadir is also prohibited from being present in front of any government building, including a college or university as well as a courthouse, unless she must do so in order to attend a hearing.

Among the charges, Machouf-Khadir faces a count of assault against a photographer from the Journal de Montréal whom she encountered at an earlier court appearance. Her bail conditions forbid her from having any contact with that photographer.

"These are very harsh conditions, it's clear," said Denis Poitras, the lawyer for Machouf-Khadir as well as fellow accused Zachary Daoust. "I think it's unlikely we'll be seeing these people back in court on new charges, given these conditions."

Outside the courthouse, dozens of supporters of the accused pair awaited their release.

Machouf-Khadir embraced her grandmother, Ellahél Machouf, who sported the red square of the student movement on her lapel.

"These are my convictions, too," Machouf told reporters. "I am against Bill 78 and against the tuition fee increase."

As for her granddaughter's charges, Malouf said, "You remember. We were all young once."

Machouf-Khadir is to be back in court on July 20.

Mathieu B. Girard also gets bail

Mathieu Girard, the 19-year-old arrested Monday while on his way to Saguenay to help arrange the funeral for his 29-year-old sister, was also released on bail at the Montreal courthouse Tuesday.

Girard is charged with mischief causing damage of more than $5,000, in connection with an incident at the Préfontaine metro station. He is suspected of conspiring with others to disrupt the subway system by throwing bricks on the tracks, a stunt which paralyzed the metro during the morning rush hour.

Girard is also charged with wearing a disguise for the purpose of committing a crime.

The judge has allowed Girard to travel to Saguenay, but he is prohibited from using the metro system. He must respect a curfew, and he is forbidden from participating in protests.

Girard's lawyer, Véronique Robert, called the circumstances of her client's arrest "completely inhumane," after he was stopped on highway 20 near St-Hyacinthe, in the company of his mother and sister.

Girard is to return to court on June 27.