06/14/2012 06:05 EDT | Updated 08/14/2012 05:12 EDT

Band cancels show after receiving criticism from Charest

Mise en Demeure, a rock band from Quebec, has dropped out of the Fête Nationale celebrations on the Plains of Abraham after receiving criticism from Quebec Premier Jean Charest.

Charest says the band's lyrics make insulting and threatening references to certain politicians. He also said the Fête Nationale belongs to all Quebecers and shouldn't carry political overtones.

"The people organizing the Fête Nationale have a lot of thinking to do," said Charest. "If that's what it is to gather Quebecers for a celebration and sing about violence against a government minister, it's not the Quebec I see. It's not about a minority that can impose a negative discourse by claiming it's freedom of speech ."

"What they told us is, if we, Mise en Demeure, were to play the show, organizers were going to get their funding cut," said a band member. "We stepped down because we did not want other bands to miss out on exposure."

The self-styled pro-anarchy band is known for one of its posters depicting Quebec member of the national assembly, Amir Khadir, as a gun-wielding revolutionary and Jean Charest naked at his feet.