06/14/2012 09:19 EDT | Updated 08/14/2012 05:12 EDT

Mary Spencer Olympic decision not likely until Monday

Reports of a media conference planned to take place in Windsor, Ont., to announce the fate of Olympic boxing hopeful Mary Spencer are no longer valid, according to Canada Amateur Boxing Association.

Greg Mercer of the Waterloo Region Record tweeted Wednesday in conversation with Spencer that the association's executive director, Robert Crête, was planning a media conference.

"At the time, we were thinking about it," Crête told CBC News on Thursday. "Everything has changed. We're just waiting to see what happens now. Everything is status quo until something changes.

"Other than that, the word is no comment."

Crête said Spencer is now out of town at a competition until Monday.

Spencer is one of two boxers vying for a wild card berth in 75-kilogram weight class at the 2012 London Olympic Games. The other boxer has not been identified.

Crête said that decision will not likely come until Monday, at the earliest.