06/15/2012 01:23 EDT | Updated 08/14/2012 05:12 EDT

Cool, wet B.C. June not far from normal

If you find yourself griping about the cool, overcast weather in B.C. this spring and are tempted to refer to this month as "June-uary," you are not alone.

So far, this month has seen roughly half the normal days of sunshine, but it is only slightly cooler than usual, with temperatures down 0.7 C below normal, said Environment Canada’s David Jones.

Jones said June in B.C. is a fickle month and can go either way.

“Sometimes it is spectacularly sunny and sometimes it is spectacularly frustrating. We’re in the frustrating variety this year.”

B.C. residents also had a flirtation with pleasant weather last month, which makes this all the worse.

“We had a little taste of sun and summer in May, so that raised our expectations and then everything turns around and goes south on us again in the worst way,” Jones said.

Strawberries in harvest

Some others who also watch the weather closely don’t think conditions have been too bad, either.

Rhonda Driediger's said the strawberries on her Langley farm don't show any sign that it’s been cold.

“It's cold, it's wet, that's bad, right? No, it's not always bad. And I always tell people not all rain is bad, not all sun is good,” Driediger said.

Driediger said it’s a far cry from last year, when the spring and early summer really were miserable, making it the shortest growing season on record.

“Everbody's perception is that it must be horrible out here. No, it's not horrible. Sure, you still need a jacket, but we're only about three or four days behind our traditional start.”

There’s no indication things will turn more summery soon, but we’re just halfway through the month.