06/19/2012 02:13 EDT | Updated 08/19/2012 05:12 EDT

Bob Dylan chooses Cranbrook for sole B.C. show

Music icon Bob Dylan is making one stop in B.C. on his upcoming summer tour, choosing Cranbrook over larger cities like Vancouver, Kelowna or Victoria.

At 71, Dylan croaks through many of his songs, but fanatic Jamie Bliss says no one really goes to see Dylan for his voice anymore, anyways.

"He's the greatest songwriter of our time. We'll realize that when he's gone," said Bliss.

"If you go to see Dylan and you want the hits like they sound on the album you'll be sorely disappointed because he's well known for working things musically, and even lyrically, and once you get used to that it's a good thing."

Dylan has played around 100 shows a year since 1988, as part of his "Never Ending Tour," but while Cranbrook may seem an unlikely choice, Bliss says he's not surprised.

He says Dylan doesn't like repeating himself and loves to mix it up.

"He's a strange guy that likes to go to strange places I think. Played a dog track in Idaho last time he was by this way, and I think getting off the beaten track is part of his shtick, getting off the beaten track as a wandering minstrel plying his trade," said Bliss.

Dylan will play the RecPlex in Cranbrook on August 12th.