06/19/2012 11:48 EDT | Updated 08/19/2012 05:12 EDT

Canada sees jump in U.S. visitors in April

An influx of American visitors pushed travel to Canada from abroad up 0.8 per cent to more than 2.1 million trips in April.

Statistics Canada said Tuesday that overnight travel from the United States rose 2.7 per cent from March's level to 1 million trips. Overnight plane travel by Americans to Canada hit its highest point since May 2008, up 3.9 per cent to 310,000 trips. Same-day car trips from the U.S rose 0.6 per cent tot 675,000.

The Canadian dollar hovered just above parity with the U.S. dollar during the month, ending March at 100.28 cents US and closing out April at 101.29.

The influx of American tourists made up the entire gain, as travel from overseas countries declined, falling 4.2 per cent from a four-year high in March.

Travel from Japan declined 16.5 per cent, the largest decrease recorded among Canada's top overseas markets. Travel from South Korea to Canada was down 6.2 per cent to its lowest level since May 2003, when the SARS outbreak in Toronto peaked.

Canadian travel abroad declined 0.5 per cent to 5.4 million trips in April, with travel to the United States down 1.8 per cent. Canadians made 797,000 trips to countries that weren't the United States in April, up 0.8 per cent compared with March.