06/19/2012 07:34 EDT | Updated 08/19/2012 05:12 EDT

Richmond Hill neighbourhood fights for water hook-up

A Richmond Hill neighbourhood is fighting to get access to water and sewer services.

About 25 residents live in the Harris and Beech neighbourhood.

They petitioned the town in 2003 to be hooked up to town services, but were told it would cost the town $8 million to bring municipal services to the area.

Karen Trofimchuk, who is one of the residents, says council has done little to help residents in the past nine years. Her home was built before the town ran pipes in the area.

She spent $30,000 on a well and septic system but prefers not to drink the well water. She wants to be connected to the town's supply.

But so far the town has refused to provide water or sewer service to her neighbourhood.

"We were told we had to pool our money together and come up with $8 million," she said.

Trofimchuk's home was built in the 1960s, before the town ran water and sewage pipes in the area.

Trofimchuk says new developments nearby have been connected but not hers.

"There's only three streets in all of Richmond Hill without services," she said. "They know we're here."

Coun. Carmine Perreilli says he has no idea why it's taking so long, or why council is quoting such a high figure to residents.

"I've done my own preliminary reports and found out that to provide water to that area ... is about $500,000," he said.

Trofimchuk says developers are buying real estate in the neighbourhood, but she doesn't intend to sell.