Jack Harris, NDP MP, Suffers Embarrassing Cellphone Fail In Parliament (VIDEO)

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First Posted: 06/20/2012 5:19 pm Updated: 06/20/2012 5:19 pm

C'mon, Jack Harris, would it kill you to put your phone on vibrate?

The NDP MP for St. John's East looked a tad embarrassed when a shrill 'brrrrrrrriiinng' interrupted him during question period on Wednesday.

Shane Mackenzie
Jack Harris' phone goes off during his question in QP really loud in the microphone. Awkward.

Unsurprisingly, the flub elicited a chorus of boos from his fellow members of Parliament and a shocked look from fellow NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau, seated behind him. Maybe next time Harris will remember that "the use of cellular phones is not allowed in the Chamber," according to House of Commons Procedure and Practice.

Defence Minister Peter Mack quipped back, "I think that was the honourable member's truth calling, but he's not answering." Harris had been asking a question on information related to the suicide of Corporal Stuart Langridge.

But hey, everyone has made this mistake once, right? At least he learned his -- brrrrrrrriiinng. That's right, Harris's cellphone interrupted his speech not once, but twice. Um, Jack, are you going to get that? Maybe he's screening what @pdmcleod described as possibly the "best CPC crank call ever."

Paul McLeod
Jack Harris's cell phone keeps ringing as he tries to ask a question in QP. Can't help but think this could be best CPC crank call ever.

Video via SleepyRobAnders on YouTube. Get the latest videos on Twitter.

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