06/28/2012 03:21 EDT | Updated 08/28/2012 05:12 EDT

Alberta bombing suspect granted bail

A financial adviser charged in the murder of a disabled Alberta woman was granted bail in an Edmonton courtroom Thursday.

Brian Malley was released on $10,000 and ordered to live with his wife and mother-in-law in Edmonton.

Details from the hearing are the subject of a publication ban and cannot be reported.

RCMP arrested Brian Malley, 55, last month in connection with the death of Victoria Shachtay of Innisfail, about 100 kilometres north of Calgary.

Malley, also of Innisfail, is charged with first-degree murder, causing an explosion likely to cause harm or death, and sending an explosive device to a person.

Shachtay, 23, was killed in November 2011 after a package delivered to her home exploded. Her seven-year-old daughter was at school at the time and was not harmed, though Shachtay's female caregiver suffered minor injuries in the explosion.

Earlier this week, CBC News learned Malley led a troubling personal life.

He and his first wife, whom he married when she was 16 years old, were divorced as she accused him of threatening violence and death against her and the couple's daughter.

Malley denied the allegations.

Court documents show Malley was dismissed after a brief stint with the Edmonton Police Service for conduct unbecoming an officer. He had been found not guilty of possession of stolen property.

Malley's second marriage ended when he became involved with a co-worker, who eventually married him.