06/28/2012 12:35 EDT | Updated 08/27/2012 05:12 EDT

B.C. greenhouse gas target 'a challenge'

B.C. Environment Minister Terry Lake says it will be challenging for the province to meet its long term greenhouse gas emission targets.

The provincial government released a report on its greenhouse gas reduction progress Wednesday, showing a 4.5-per-cent reduction in emissions over the past five years.

The province's long term goal is a reduction of 33 per cent by 2020.

“I think it's a challenge to be quite frank. We expect our economy to grow, we expect our population to grow. We need to look at the areas in which we can make rapid gains in reductions," Lake said.

Lake said the province is increasing public transportation, improving building standards and looking at carbon offsets to meet its targets.

He said all British Columbians need to do their part in lowering their carbon footprint in order for the province to reduce emissions.

The carbon tax is set to go up by another penny on Canada Day to almost seven cents per litre of gasoline.