07/05/2012 09:46 EDT | Updated 09/04/2012 05:12 EDT

YouTube video leads to reckless driving charge

A young man who was seen in a YouTube video dangerously driving and swerving around other cars on Highway 15 is due in court this morning.

Police have confirmed they arrested the 18-year-old from Repentigny, Que., Wednesday and charged him with reckless driving.

The YouTube video caught the attention of people after it was posted online a few days ago. The young driver can be seen laughing while going almost 200 km/hr on Highway 15 in the Mirabel area. He swerves, passes other cars on the right and speeds past others on the shoulder.

Daniel Thibaudeau, spokesman for the Sûreté du Québec, said. "That person can face numerous fines — we're talking about hefty fines of over $1,000 — suspension of licence, or can face criminal charges."

Thibaudeau admits police have seen an increase in criminal acts posted online.

The head of Quebec's Road Safety Board, Jean-Marie de Koninck, said parents should step up.

"I call upon the adults which have influence on these kids — particularly the parents. They're the first, right there up front, who should discuss with them to drive safely and drive responsibly."