07/06/2012 08:14 EDT | Updated 09/05/2012 05:12 EDT

Ex-judge convicted of murdering wife denied bail

Former Quebec judge Jacques Delisle, convicted of murdering his wife, is not getting bail pending his request for appeal.

A court justice has ruled that Jacques Delisle must stay behind bars after being convicted of first-degree murder in June.

A jury found Delisle guilty of shooting his wife Nicole Rainville to death in 2009.

Delisle, 77, is believed to be the first Canadian judge to be convicted of first-degree murder.

In his written ruling released Friday, Quebec Court of Appeal Justice Richard Wagner denied the bail request on the grounds it would undermine the public's confidence in the justice system.

Wagner said the jury that heard Delisle's trial had ample time to understand evidence presented.

Delisle's lawyer Jacques Larochelle argued his client is not a flight risk, is not a danger to reoffend, that he had a blemish-free past and that he took care of Rainville for years.

The Appeal Court has yet to decide whether to grant an appeal.