07/08/2012 01:23 EDT | Updated 09/07/2012 05:12 EDT

Montreal water levels hit 10-year low

A winter with little snow, followed by a warm, dry start to the summer have left water levels around the Island of Montreal lower than they have been in years.

Levels are critically low, said Peter Yeomans, a member of the International Saint-Lawrence Board of Control, an agency that monitors water levels in the seaway.

The quality of drinking water hasn't yet been affected, but boaters are taking extra care to avoid shoals.

"They have to be more cautious when they're out on the water," said David Speak, general manager of the Beaconsfield Yacht Club. "They need to be more aware of the charts, low water areas, reefs, things like that.

Water levels dip in Montreal (Quebec Environment Ministry)