07/10/2012 01:12 EDT | Updated 09/09/2012 05:12 EDT

Olympic Village rec centre washrooms torn out for repairs

Repairs are underway at Vancouver's Olympic Village after leaking water was discovered in the washrooms and changing rooms in the Creekside Community Recreation Centre.

The recreation centre opened to the public just two years ago with the city claiming it was a model for environmental sustainability. It features solar panels and plants growing on its green roof, which collects rainwater for its irrigation system and toilets.

But Danica Djukovic, Vancouver's director of facilities planning, says deficient water membranes in the washrooms have leaks, so crews are now ripping out all six washroom interiors to repair them.

"What we decided to do is rip everything apart and re-do the whole washrooms," said Djukovic.

The city estimates it will cost $135,000 to tear up the tiles and fixtures, and replace the membranes.

Municipal crews are doing the work, but Djukovic says the city is hoping to have the original builder cover the cost because the membranes were not properly installed.

"Technically it's not under warranty, that period has been expired, but we do believe we have an opportunity to recover that money."

Djukovic says deficiencies like this, in a $36-million project, are to be expected.

The Creekside Community Recreation Centre was built as part of the Athletes' Village for the 2010 Olympics. It now offers a fitness centre, dance studio and multi-purpose spaces for the community.

The City of Vancouver sank $740 million into the development of the village in early 2010 after the developers' New York financiers cut off funding in the midst of a real estate downturn.