07/11/2012 05:15 EDT | Updated 09/10/2012 05:12 EDT

TaxiSaver program saved in TransLink reversal

TransLink has reversed its controversial decision to eliminate the TaxiSaver program, following an outcry from users.

"We have heard that the TaxiSaver program provides a valuable service to those in need and is integral to making the transit system accessible for them," said TransLink board chair Nancy Olewiler.

According to B.C. Transit, the TaxiSaver program provides a 50 per cent subsidy for registered HandyDart users towards the cost of taxi rides.

The funding for the TaxiSaver program was to be cut to provide more funding for HandyDart services, but TransLink put the decision on hold at the end of May after users objected to the cuts, saying it was was an important service that gave them more flexible service than the HandyDart system provides.