07/13/2012 10:25 EDT | Updated 09/12/2012 05:12 EDT

Edmonton cleans up after massive storm

Edmonton residents are cleaning up after a massive storm drenched the city early Thursday morning.

Many of the worst hit are drying out what they can save and anxiously waiting for insurance agents to okay their basements for repair.

Hundreds of homes and vehicles became waterlogged when 70 millimetres of rain fell in less than an hour.

The basement of the Hillview Estate apartments in Mill Woods at 34th Avenue and 58th Street still contained two metres of water in the basement Friday and the parking lot was covered in a layer of sludge and water.

Residents say they were told it could take another two or three days before the building is dried out.

Students at J. Percy Page High School will likely start school in the fall without a gymnasium after the hardwood floor was destroyed by water.

Eleven other schools in the city also suffered damage, estimated up to $500,000, said John Nicoll with Edmonton Public Schools.

"A half-a-million dollars means an awful lot to us, but we are covered for insurance for most of the loss," he said.

Most insurance claims are coming from homeowners, said Troy Bourassa of AMA insurance company..

"Claims can range from anywhere from the low-thousands of dollars to $40,000 to 50,000," said Bourassa.

Still, he said, damage from this storm is miniscule compared to some others in the past.

Some homeowners learned on Friday that their policies don't cover flooding.

David Dominic's parents lost up to $20,000 in possessions when their home in Hillwood Estates was flooded,

"They said we're not covered because the flood came from the floor. But if it would have come from the roof, we would be covered," he said.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada says policies don't cover overland flooding. Coverage is only provided when sewers back up or when water gets in through the roof.