07/15/2012 12:28 EDT | Updated 09/14/2012 05:12 EDT

Heat warnings for most of Quebec

The province of Quebec is feeling the heat as a spell of hot and dry weather makes its way across the land.

Montreal beat its record high with 33.3 C yesterday. The last record stood at 32.8 C and was recorded 60 years ago.

The City of Sherbrooke also burned through its record, reaching 32.2 C, almost two degrees hotter than the original record in 2006.

Lastly, Shawinigan beat its record from 1943. According to Julie Deshaies, meteorologist for Environment Canada, Trois-Rivières also beat its record but since the weather centre is close to the river, temperatures tend to be a little cooler.

This system first made its way through the United States and should last until Wednesday.

The Montreal health and social services agency will not be launching its emergency plan unless Environment Canada officially declares a heat wave.

A heat wave implies three days over 32 C and two nights above 20 C.

Public health authorities advise people to see cool and shaded areas. They also suggest keeping an eye on vulnerable people, including kids, the elderly and people with chronic diseases.

Roberta Diaconesco of Environment Canada says Montreal normally gets over 90 mm of rain in July but has only had 21 mm so far this year.

Some parts of southern Quebec haven't had rain for nearly two weeks, causing the St. Lawrence River to drop to levels that haven't been seen in years.

Melanie Morin, a spokeswoman for Quebec's forest fire monitoring service, says there are currently over 20 forest fires burning in the province.

Morin says there are concerns lightning storms forecast for this afternoon could lead to more fires.