07/16/2012 06:58 EDT | Updated 09/15/2012 05:12 EDT

Alberta NDP calls for pipeline audit

Alberta's NDP is asking the province's auditor general to investigate the how often oil pipelines in the province are inspected and whether oil spills are properly cleaned up after they occur.

“Our energy economy depends on a secure system, as does the integrity of our land and water,” NDP MLA David Eggen said in a news release.

Last year auditors for both the Federal and Saskatchewan governments found pipelines weren’t being monitored closely enough in that province, he said.

“We’ve had three spills in Alberta already this year," said Eggen. "Alberta needs the same investigation.”

The Saskatchewan Auditor General found that no one followed up to ensure that needed repairs were being made, said Eggen.

The federal auditor general found the same problem with pipelines under federal jurisdiction, he said.

Eggen pointed out the Alberta government is responsible for 411,000 kilometres of pipeline, compared to 23,500 kilometres for Saskatchewan.