Boy killed at B.C. bible camp ID'd

07/23/2012 05:04 EDT | Updated 09/22/2012 05:12 EDT
The B.C. Corner has identified the 11-year-old boy killed Friday in a violent windstorm as Richard Fehr, of Christina Lake, B.C.

Fehr and a camp counsellor had taken shelter in one of the sleeping cabins at Pines Bible Camp near Grand Forks, B.C., when winds began to gust up to 100 km/h, blowing down trees, said camp executive director Gene Krahn.

"The camper asked [the counsellor] 'Am I going to be safe here?' and he goes 'I think so.' And he just looked out the door of the cabin to see, kind of assess the situation of where they should go," said Krahn.

"As he did that, the tree fell on the cabin and essentially pushed that cabin leader out the door where he sustained a couple injuries on his back and unfortunately crushed the cabin that the camper was in."

Krahn says Fehr had camped with them in the past.

"He enjoyed camp and so he was very excited to come back," he said.

The camp will hold a healing event Tuesday evening at the Pines Bible Camp site.

"We're inviting all the campers who were there this past week and their families to spend some time just to see and reflect. It's an opportunity for campers to be able to process, with their families, this traumatic event," said Krahn.

He says grief and trauma counsellors will be on hand to talk with campers and the boy's family and friends.

Krahn said more than half the buildings at the camp are damaged. He said an insurance company has looked at the site, but a dollar value has not yet been put on the wreckage.