07/24/2012 02:26 EDT | Updated 09/22/2012 05:12 EDT

Monday sports recap: Turning the page

Monday in the world of sports saw Rick Nash leave the Columbus Blue Jackets after nine seasons, 289 regular season goals and one playoff appearance.

It is the latest move by the Blue Jackets, who have rehauled their lineup in recent months in search for the elusive formula for success.

Just a couple of hours later, Ichiro Suzuki left the Seattle Mariners after nearly a dozen years, 2,533 playoff apperances and one playoff appearance (2001, his first season).

Oh yeah, they both went from small-medium market teams to really rich ones in New York.

Rangers general manager Glen Sather said the Nash acquisition was a "very important deal" for the club. Nash now joins NHL greats Wayne Gretzky, Paul Coffey, Mark Messier, Eric Lindros and Pavel Bure …in the pantheon of players featured in Sather trades.

Ichiro surreally played against Seattle on Monday night, getting a base hit and stolen base against his old club while wearing No. 31 for the Yankees.

In terrifically bad timing, the New York Red Bulls heralded the signing of former Everton player Tim Cahill, while the New York Mets on the same night had a Star Wars theme and a visit from an expectant Snooki (?).

Selected Nash tweets

@wheelingprobs: Rick Nash is headed to the Rangers, and the Columbus Blue Jackets are headed to the AHL

@emptynetters: Rick Nash, Kari Lehtonen and Jay Bouwmeester were the first three picks of the 02 draft. Between them, they have 0 playoff wins.

Selected Ichiro tweets

@miketoole: Base hit for Ichiro. Also, that would have been a home run in Yankee Stadium.

@daynperry: If Ichiro gets into the Hall, does anyone think it *shouldn't* be as a Yankee?

Combo tweet

@mikekeswick: NY Rangers: "We're trading for Rick Nash." NY Yankees: "We're trading for Ichiro." NY Mets: "Look, we've got lightsabers! And Snooki!"

Recommended listening

In honour of the Japanese ball hero and the NHL player with the same surname as a famous member of the 60's musical firmanent, here is Japan's Magokoro Brothers covering the wistful Dylan classic My Back Pages: