07/25/2012 12:20 EDT | Updated 09/24/2012 05:12 EDT

Quebec's health authority warns of West Nile virus risks

With the increase in mosquitoes during the summer's end, Quebec's health ministry is warning people of the risk of being exposed to the West Nile virus.

While the majority of cases have proven free of serious consequences, certain people can experience serious complications when infected by the virus.

According to a report, people above 50 years of age are most susceptible to these risks because of their weakened immune systems.

The West Nile virus is often transmitted by mosquitoes. Last year, 41 cases were confirmed in south west Quebec.

Health officials recommend using insect repellant with DEET, a chemical that affect the mosquito's sensors and helps prevent bites.

Authorities also remind people that mosquitoes breed in water and that people should keep a close eye on pool covers or objects containing water around the house in order to diminish the presence of undesirable insects.