07/26/2012 12:58 EDT | Updated 09/25/2012 05:12 EDT

Crosbie says he'll miss being lieutenant-governor

John Crosbie, Newfoundland and Labrador's lieutenant-governor, says he'll miss his position when his term is up early in 2013.

"We'll be reluctant when we leave now, our term is over in February," said Crosbie.

Crosbie made the remark at the annual Government House garden party on Wednesday.

Hundreds of guests came out in style to meet Crosbie and his wife Jane for their fifth, and last, garden party as Government House hosts.

Many were decked out in colourful hats and fascinators. All were entertained by the equally colourful Celtic Fiddlers, Signal Hill Tattoo, the CLB Regimental Band, and members of Wonderbolt Circus.

Crosbie greeted guests and posed for photos, and also looked ahead to life after Government House.

"I'll find something else interesting to do," mused Crosbie. "I may even say something controversial every now and then. If I could say something and have no controversy, it wouldn't be much fun."