Have we fallen out of love with Coach?

The handbag maker -- which has dominated the accessories market across North America for years and whose purses and accessories have been a staple for many a Canadian fashionista -- has taken a major stock hit after it was announced its fourth-quarter sales missed analyst expectations. CNN Money reports the stock fell some 18.6 per cent. (It should be said, the company's net income rose to $251.4 million -- though those sales can almost entirely be attributed to handbag sales in Asia.)

Some speculators believe the miss could be the first sign that Coach's market share in North America is slipping. Women's Wear Daily quotes UBS retail analyst Michael Binetti: "The major threat to Coach’s U.S. sales growth in fiscal-year 2013 is the accelerating competition from names like Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Vera Bradley, Kate Spade -- and most significantly from Michael Kors.”

Others believe this slump showcases the increasing divide between those who can purchase luxury goods and those who have to remain price-conscious. (Something that could be evidenced by similar disappointing share results for several other luxury retailers: CNN Money also reports shares of Tiffany, Saks and Nordstrom's have either been down or flat.)

This, of course, isn't the first bit of bad news we've heard out of the fashion retail sector this year. Esprit recently announced they're shuttering their U.S. and Canadian stores because of poor sales, and here in Canada, department store brand Sears has had a hard time staying afloat.

So what gives: Are we shopping less for luxury items? Is your clothing/retail budget smaller than it used to be? Or have you simply fallen out of love with specific designers, like Coach?

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Take a look at some other stores HuffPost Style editors have stopped shopping at, whether in-store or online

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  • Abercrombie & Hollister

    "In high school my friends and I were all about Hollister and Abercrombie. If you didn't wear it you might as well have crawled in a hole and died. So I was pretty much stocked up on seagull and moose donned polo shirts, plaid shorts and skirts." - Nicole Guzzardi, Stylelist Home intern

  • H&M

    "H&M was one of my go-tos for affordable basics and statement jewelry. But over recent months, I've grown really frustrated with the fast fashion retailer. From the wonky sizes to the flimsy materials, it's not even worth spending five dollars." -- Dana Oliver, HuffPost Beauty Editor

  • Express

    "Everyone in my high school bought flared black pants and satin button-downs there (it was the '90s), but I haven't bought anything there since 2001." - Jessica Misener, HuffPost Style editor (Getty photo)

  • Huge Thrift Stores

    "I used to think large thrift stores that sold really cheap clothing were great bargains... until I saw Forever 21 and H&M pieces that were selling for as much as they were in the real stores." -- Style intern

  • Armani Exchange

    "Armani Exchange used to be the pinnacle of edgy apparel with a reasonably affordable tag. But somewhere down the line, the quality of their clothes started to decline and their designs looked pretty tacky." -- HuffPost Home Intern

  • 5-7-9

    "I used to get all of my baby tees there in 1995." - Shana Ecker, Stylelist Home editor (Getty photo)

  • Benetton

    "Benetton in the 90s! Big sweaters for everyone... Diesel for a regrettable moment in the early 00s, then realized I looked like a European tourist everywhere I went, so that was shelved. And I used to stock up on tanks at American Apparel in 2004-5, and now the store looks like the wardrobe department for A Different World." - Brie Dyas, Stylelist/Stylelist Home senior editor (Getty photo)

  • Limited Too

    "I used to loooove Limited Too, until I realized that not everything is made better with "LTD2" logos strewn all over it. Also, I grew." - Ellie Krupnick, HuffPost Style Senior Editor (Courtesy photo)

  • Forever 21

    "I thought it was cheap and quick, but it was still a waste of money because everything that I bought there was ruined after the first wash. The hem would become uneven or a tiny hole would appear." -- Renee Jacques, HuffPost Style Intern

  • French Connection

    "I used to shop at French Connection until I realized that all of the clothes are cut for American Girl Dolls." - Rebecca Adams, HuffPost Style associate editor

  • Contempo Casuals

    "I loved it then, but I haven't set foot in a Wet Seal in over a decade." - Christina Anderson, Senior Editor

  • Aeropostale

    "While I don't shop at any of these stores anymore, I always felt like Aeropostale was a wannabe Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister. The styles never seemed to match up and it came across as tacky most times. However, I do remember liking their bathing suits. Now, not so much." -- Renee Jacques, Style Intern

  • The Gap

    "I used to go here for basics but there's far too much product on the floor, and its always a mess. I also find that many times, the material they use is of poor quality and falls apart after only a few washes."

  • Tuesday Sector Laggards: Department Stores, Apparel Stores

    In trading on Tuesday, department stores shares were relative laggards, down on the day by about 0.7%. Helping drag down the group were shares of JC Penney (JCP), down about 10.7% and shares of Companhia Brasileira (CBD) down about 2.4% on the day.

And check out some surprising retail outfits we count among our favourite surprise haunts (with a few cross-border gems for those who head south on long weekends)

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  • Kohl's

    "I am a huge fan of Vera Wang's diffusion line and this statement necklace is one of my greatest purchases. It's the perfect accessory for a simple LBD or I can instantly glam up a chambray button-down." <em>--Dana Oliver, Beauty Editor, Stylelist</em>

  • Dollar Store

    "I found this hat at the dollar store down the street from me. I was in there buying laundry detergent and paper towel and saw this beanie. I love the bright color and best of all it was $1." <em>--Michelle Persad, Fashion Assistant, Stylelist </em>

  • JCPenney

    "This denim shirt has been through a lot. I found it at JCPenney years ago and have barely taken it off since." <em>--Michelle Persad, Fashion Assistant, Stylelist </em>

  • Ann Taylor LOFT

    "I love stripes, but when I buy them from J. Crew I see them everywhere. So I bought this sweater downstairs from the office ... and several days later saw it photographed on Khloe Kardashian. Oh well." <em>-- Anya Strzemien, Editor-In-Chief, Stylelist and HuffPost Style </em>

  • Forever21

    "Again, I love stripes. I bought this tank top for about $12 at least four years ago -- it's since been worn everywhere from the beach to the office and used as a head wrap on a road trip in a convertible, and it hasn't fallen apart yet." <em>-- Anya Strzemien, Editor-In-Chief, Stylelist and HuffPost Style </em>

  • Walmart

    "My beloved Miley Cyrus sweatpants from Walmart. They don't come more comfortable or cozy than this. When I'm at my friend's country house upstate and we're about to watch a movie, we say excitedly to each other 'Let's go put on our Mileys!'" <em>-- Anya Strzemien, Editor-In-Chief, Stylelist and HuffPost Style </em>

  • Chico's

    "Someone in my life gave me a sparkly necklace from Chico's that wasn't quite my style. So I returned it and bought this more subdued number -- and I actually think it's quite elegant! I think a lot of Chico's pieces are if they're styled the right way." <em>-- Anya Strzemien, Editor-In-Chief, Stylelist and HuffPost Style </em>

  • Target

    "This is just one of my many great accessory finds from Target. The bold cream-hued oversized link necklace goes has been a staple for me this summer, going with anything from vintage shifts to maxi dresses. All for under $10." <em>--Brie Dyas, Senior Editor, Stylelist</em>

  • The Gap

    "Everyone talks smack on the Gap, but my cute pink ikat shorts are from the khaki headquarters. Fun tip: everything's on sale, like, all the time." <em>--Ellie Krupnick, Editor, HuffPost Style</em>

  • Marshalls

    "When you find something good--I mean really good--at Marshalls, it's the best! I found this Calvin Klein jacket while looking for a blazer for an interview. It was the perfect edgy alternative to 'the usual' that wasn't too flamboyant. It also cost a fraction of what it would have at the Calvin Klein store." <em>--Erica Cheung, Intern, HuffPost Style</em>

  • New York & Company

    "My sister is a buyer for New York & Company, so I spend more time shopping there (using her discount!) than the average person. I picked up this cute neon dress for summer 2012 that definitely makes a statement when you walk into the room. I'm also a huge fan of their jewelry, shoes, belts, pants... you name it!" <em>--Jessica Misener, Editor, HuffPost Style</em>

  • TJ Maxx

    "Wedges I got from TJ Maxx that I wear ALL the time. They are so comfy and go with so many things I own!" <em>--Nicole Guzzardi, Intern, Stylelist Home</em>

  • Ross

    "I have little patience and even worse luck at big mass discount stores, but I managed to score this caftan at Ross a few years back. Faith renewed." <em>--Simone Kitchens, Senior Beauty Editor, Stylelist</em>