It's old news that Canadians say "please","thank you" and "sorry" at alarmingly high rates, open doors for strangers and pay compliments to one another whenever we can.

Our ideals have always included giving back and caring for one another, and we see these values as fundamental to our identity. An Environics poll from earlier this year found Canadians believe the best citizens are those who are active in their community, who volunteer and help others.

Often, this giving spirit manifests out of the spotlight, but in this day of smartphones and document and share everything, it's inevitable that more than a few sweet moments will find their way to your Twitter or Facebook feed. We've compiled a slideshow of some recent photos taken across the country that capture the fullness of Canada's heart, including some from Humans Of Toronto and Humains de Montreal.

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  • A Tribute To Teamwork

    Nothing says Canada like bonding in the great outdoors. Friends helping one another at a portage site in Quetico Park, Ontario.

  • Beach Bums

    These girls are Canadian and are celebrating it while looking out onto Lake Ontario.

  • Building A Better Toronto

    A <a href="" target="_hplink">real human of Toronto</a> shows off her building skills.

  • Creation And Destruction

    Bringing some melody to recent construction chaos at Queen and Spadina in Toronto. 41 pianos have been installed across the city as <a href="" target="_hplink">part of the 3-year countdown to the Pan American Games, which will be held in 2015</a>, according to the Toronto Star.

  • Cute Kisses

    Two friends greeting one another in Montreal, Quebec.

  • Canadian Canucks

    Two friends working together to raise money for the <a href="" target="_hplink">Joel Schwartz Memorial Hockey Tournament.</a> You know you're in Canada when two of our favourite pastimes -- hockey and altruism -- partner up.

  • Let's Go Canada, Let's Go

    The ultimate cheerleader shows pride for her country on Granville Street in Vancouver.

  • Girl Power

    Girls celebrate their greatness at the 25th annual Silly Summer Parade in Edmonton, Alberta.

  • Happiness

    A graffiti artist took the words right out of our mouth -- and put them on a skateboarding rink in Toronto, Ontario.

  • A Little Something Special

    Un billet doux written on a street in Montreal, Quebec.

  • Sharing Is Caring

    Two Canadians. One umbrella. That's true love.

  • Animal Lover

    We don't know who's cuter: the tot or the pup (snapped at a park in Toronto, Ontario).

  • I've Got Your Back

    Remember winter? Kids trudge through Montreal. Sometimes a friend is all that's needed to warm up a chilly situation.

  • Kindness

    A wall of peaceful words in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Words To Live By

    A little something good for the soul in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Thank You

    Proof that we Canadians are as polite as we say we are.

  • Three Generations

    Three generations of beautiful Canadian women go for a stroll in the great outdoors.

  • The Power Of Art

    Montrealers collaborate and come together to express artistic creativity.

  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow

    Evidence that somewhere over the rainbow, dreams really do come true -- at least in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Canadian Beauty

    Life is good for these beauties in Quetico Park, Ontario.

  • Donate, Eh?

    A group clad in red and white prompt others to donate to a charitable cause at the 25th annual Silly Summer parade in Edmonton, Alberta.

  • The Other Dr. Seuss

    A boy channels his inner cartoon at the 25th annual Silly Summer parade. Why? Because he can.

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