08/01/2012 01:22 EDT | Updated 10/01/2012 05:12 EDT

Threatening call to House of Commons earns probation

A P.E.I. man who called the House of Commons and threatened to shoot school children has been sentenced to two years probation.

John Alexander MacIsaac, 44, of Cove Head, has been in custody since his arrest in June. MacIsaac made the call June 21 and was arrested the same day.

Provincial court in Charlottetown heard MacIsaac suffered a serious brain injury when he was 14 years old. It makes him verbally abusive and short tempered. Doctors don't consider MacIsaac violent or dangerous.

MacIsaac pleaded guilty to uttering threats and spent 40 days in custody leading up to Wednesday's sentencing. With the sentence of probation, MacIsaac was released.

Judge Nancy Orr said MacIsaac has a "big mouth" and his threatening phone call had to be taken seriously. Orr cited the recent shooting rampage in a Colorado movie theatre as an example of why courts take threats of violence seriously.

In addition to two years probation Orr ordered MacIsaac to get treatment for his brain injury. He's also prohibited from possessing weapons for 10 years and has been ordered to have no contact with the House of Commons in Ottawa.