08/03/2012 02:10 EDT | Updated 10/03/2012 05:12 EDT

Theft victim takes to Kijiji

A victim from a recent rash of car break-ins in Saint John has turned to the classifieds to find the thief. Robert Parsons' truck was broken into last week in the Millidgeville neighbourhood.

Parsons said the thief got away with several Blu-ray DVDs and sweatshirts, and left a pair of sunglasses behind. He posted photos of the sunglasses on the local Kijiji site, along with a lengthy letter shaming the perpetrator.

He said he mainly wrote the post to let off steam, never realizing he might actually get some answers. The post has drawn 10,000 views; he's the latest Maritimer to create a viral Kijiji post.

"I've had multiple emails, many of them just praising me, saying it was funny. Made my day, but I've actually had some from my area saying, 'hey let's exchange emails because this happened to me and I have an idea,' or, 'I have a tip.'

"So it's kind of worked out in that instance where I'm actually communicating with some people who experienced the same crime."

Parsons said he's passed on all information, and the sunglasses, to police. Someone left a fingerprint gluing the broken eyewear back together, so they could be easier to identify than most.