A violent lightning storm over the weekend in New Brunswick resulted in the deaths of nearly half of an Upper Hainsville farmer's cattle herd.

Eleven mature cows and eight calves died after the tree they were sheltering under was struck by lightning. One tree was split and the current from the strike electrocuted the cattle.

The strike also knocked out a nearby electric fence, blowing apart the control box. John Morgan and his wife, Cathy, lost power and use of their land line after another strike near their house.

Only four calves survived the strike near the trees.

"We found 19 head of cattle, laying, (electrocuted), under the trees," John said, "Four must have been out of range of the electricity and their lives were saved."

The Morgans said they estimate the 19 cattle to be worth about $25,000, but Cathy says money is not the only issue is this case.

"I was just devastated," Cathy said. "They were all pets," finished John, "That means you can walk up to them and lay your hands on them, scratch them and talk to them, and if you go out to pasture they’ll come up to you... whistle and they will come."

Luckily, the other half of the herd was in another field and were not harmed.

The Morgans have been slowly building the beef herd for more than a quarter of a century.

The loss isn’t covered by insurance, because it’s considered an ‘act of God.’

The Morgans called in family members to help bury the cows on Saturday, the same day they found them.

The Morgans say although this is extremely rare, they have heard of another, similar case. One day earlier, 21 years ago, another farmer just three kilometres down the road, also had 19 head of cattle killed by lightning.

10 Scariest Bolts Caught On Film
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  • Incredible Up Close Lightning Strike! 9/16/10 Tornado in Brooklyn

    If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up for me :) PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDS LIKE THIS! I UPLOAD SEVERAL PER WEEK! For anybody who doubts the credibility of this video, please view my newest video filmed with the same camera. I have slowed down every lightning strike, and you will see that is how my camera records lightning. YES, this is real. It's called ghost lightning. Look it up. It is a reflection of the lightning off my window, and not the actual bolt which must have struck down in the front of my house. It is cut off because lightning strikes faster than my camera was able to capture. This is a clip of about an hour long recording of the storm. I did not know the lightning was caught on camera until after I played the video back. It was just the thunder that startled me. My video description: There was a tornado today in New York, I was taping the rain because the storm was pretty intense and electrical, and I was actually hoping to catch some lightning on video. I just had no idea it'd be that good! Don't be confused though, because it's not the actual bolt you see striking, it's a reflection if you watch closely. It must have struck somewhere in my front yard because the lights following the video are the headlights of my car after the alarm was triggered by the thunder. Oh yeah, and sorry for my ridiculous scream and laugh, the thunder caught me off-guard...I didn't actually see the lightning until I played the video back later. From the news: A <b>...</b>

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  • INCREDIBLE lightning strike video!!!

    Video of a near-miss lightning strike in Norman, OK in July 2007, as the cloud-to-ground stroke nearly struck storm chaser Curtis McDonald. This is one of the most incredible lightning videos I have ever seen! Check out TornadoVideos.net for extreme tornado footage, our live video streaming, and breaking weather news.

  • Lightning strikes Qantas aeroplane

    A Qantas flight about to land in Sydney is hit by lightning mid-air on the 5th of September 2004.

  • Empire State Building: Lightning Strikes Thrice!

    I caught three direct strikes to the Empire State Building lightning rod after midnight on 4/13/11 during a severe thunderstorm. I actually saw a fourth direct hit, but sadly wasn't filming at the time. I've never seen so many hits on the ESB in one night. It was ridiculous! But so much fun to watch. Whoever said lightning doesn't strike twice was wrong. :) ©NYCisMyMuse.com All Rights Reserved www.NYCisMyMuse.com Twitter: @NYCisMyMuse

  • Exclusive video clip of the Most AMAZING Lightning Strike

    Please hit the "Like" button if you like this video & subscribe if you like my channel. Thx for watching ! Exclusive video of an amazing lightning strike. At the 08 second mark you can see the plasma rising in the lightning bolt. I've slowed it down so you can see it. Lightning plasma is an ionized gas -- so the flash of light you see is static electricity 'charging' down from the cloud thru this ionized gas to make contact with the ground. During a strike, the air around this plasma becomes superheated to 55000 degrees fahrenheit (5 times hotter then the surface of the sun). Since hot air rises, this superheated air pulls up the plasma -- in effect creating a "plasma updraft". Notice how the bolt never hit the transformer, but hit 20 feet away and the immense voltage arced 20 feet to blow up the transformer -- not only that -- but the electrical current then traveled across the power line (above the road) to blow out the transformer on the other side of the road simultaneously.Feel free to check out our "Tornado" playlist showing video film footage of all types of tornadoes like elephant trunks, multiple-vortices, stovepipes, sidewinders and huge monster wedge tornadoes. Tornadoes from Aurora,NE ; Yazoo City, MS ; Campo,CO and Oberlin,KS for example. There's also video footage of tornado damage where buildings are blown completely off their foundations; people being rescued from collapsed buildings like in Yazoo City, MS where there was a deadly EF-4 tornado; truckers <b>...</b>

  • Lightning strikes three of the tallest buildings in Chicago at the same time!

    On June 23rd, 2010 a line of nasty storms rolled through Chicago in the early evening hours. I stayed late at the office that night to work on some things and to avoid the rush hour chaos that was going on. Once I returned home I wasn't really paying attention to what was happening outside until my sisters boyfriend asked me if I was watching the lightning. I took a quick look out my window and saw some quick hits of lightning and ran back to my room to grab my camera and tripod. I was standing out there randomly hitting the record button and hoping I would catch some of the strikes. About 15 minutes in nothing was happening during my current recording so I reached to stop it and start a new one. At the moment I touched the camera three of the tallest buildings in Chicago were struck by lightning at the same time. Willis Tower (Tallest), Trump International Hotel and Tower (2nd Tallest) and the John Hancock Building(4th tallest). If you listen closely, you can hear me lightly say "yes!" after the triple strike happens. You can view the original posting of this over on my Vimeo account as well: vimeo.com Music: Sufjan Stevens - To the Workers of the Rock River Valley Region, I Have an Idea Concerning Your Predicament Directed filmed and edited by: Craig Shimala "Lightning strikes three of the tallest buildings in Chicago at the same time!" © 2010 Craig Shimala: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No use permitted without written consent from artist.