08/08/2012 05:45 EDT | Updated 10/08/2012 05:12 EDT

Vandals attack orchardist's irrigation system

An East Kelowna orchardist is worried this year's entire crop may be lost after vandals have repeatedly attacked his family farm.

In the most recent attack, someone destroyed Kewal Singh Mann's new irrigation system in over a dozen places, rendering it useless.

Vandals also smashed the family fruit stand.

"They broke my main line and they break each valve for the whole orchard. And they turn back on water, so water all over here," said Mann. "Now 17.2 acres have no water."

He says he now has no way of watering his fruit and vegetable crops in the August heat.

Temperatures in the Okanagan have topped 30 C, and Mann worries he'll lose his entire crop.

"Very hot, no water. Trees going to die, right?"

Mann says he has $100,000 worth of fruit still on his trees, and estimates it will cost $15,000 to replace his irrigation system.

This is the third time vandals have damaged Mann's farm equipment this summer. RCMP believe someone is targeting the orchardist, but Mann says he can't imagine why.

"I have no idea. I have no complaints with anybody," he said.