Being excited when your national soccer team wins a gold medal at the Olympics is a pretty great feeling. And you may even want to share that excitement on Twitter or other social media platforms you might be using.

You might not want to write racist tweets referring to a historical event that happened 40 years before any of the players on the pitch were born.

Twitter users celebrating the US women's soccer team victory over Japan at the London Olympics made references to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and even resurrected a rather vile racial slur. Many users reported that a number of the search terms were trending on Twitter shortly after Thursday's game.

"This is payback for Pearl Harbor," said many twitter users.

"thats what you get for pearl harbor ya damn****," said another twitter user.

Of course, others decried the racist tweets.

"I'm in Hawaii. I live minutes away from Pearl Harbor. Japanese visitors go there every day to pay their respects. Shut up Twitter," said Twitter user Gene Park.

Some social media users also, perhaps more horrifically, compared the 2011 Japanese tsunami to Pearl Harbor.

Maybe they should stop watching bad Ben Affleck movies.

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