08/10/2012 10:16 EDT | Updated 10/10/2012 05:12 EDT

Camel, kangaroo meat tempt Toronto taste buds

Torontonians are getting an even more diverse taste of the exotic with eateries now offering everything from camel burgers to kangaroo meat.

Whitehouse Meats in Toronto offers camel meat for home consumption. It’s a staple in many parts of the world including North Africa, the Middle East and parts of Europe.

It’s touted as healthier than beef and lamb with more protein, vitamin C and iron and less cholesterol.

Casbah, a temporary food kiosk on the corner of Dundas and Bathurst, offers camel burgers.

“It’s very healthy, it has no fat,” proclaims Casbah cook and owner Dali Chehimi.

One woman said she’s had it and “loves it.”

Camel meat has been described as much like beef in taste and texture, only a little chewier.

Over at the WVRST restaurant, exotic meat is the main deal. The King Street West noshery offers elk, boar and kangaroo.

Katie Reingold of WVRST says kangaroo is a big draw and people will meet up at the restaurant just to try it.

“They have no idea what it tastes like and they’ve never heard of anyone serving kangaroo, but that’s what they want.”

Kangaroo meat been described as “distinct” and having no similarity to either chicken, beef or pork.

Roy Pereira frequents WVRST because he loves to explore new foods.

“I’ve had ostrich, wild boar [but] anything that can be a pet, I draw the line.”

Pereira says he couldn’t eat turtle meat but has had deep-fried alligator.