08/10/2012 06:24 EDT | Updated 10/10/2012 05:12 EDT

Expert ranks Quebec's electoral TV ads

Quebec's provincial parties have been campaigning for the better part of 10 days, all of them making promises, hanging banners and, as of late this week, broadcasting platform ads.

How much impact do these ads have?

CBC News asked marketing expert at Concordia University Harold Simpkins to give grades to the ads based on their effectiveness.

Simpkins gave the Parti Québecois a "D," saying that the ad failed to share its message.

The Liberals, whose ad focuses on Charest talking about his goals as premier, earned an "F" from the expert who said Charest failed to say anything competitive against the other platforms.

Simpkins was impressed with the Coalition Avenir Québec's ad. He said the CAQ's focus on star candidate Jacques Duchesneau makes a good point of challenging Charest and sticking to its focus on corruption.

"Have a message and staying on message and focusing on Duchesneau, I think the CAQ would warrant and 'A,'" Simpkins said.