08/14/2012 03:08 EDT | Updated 10/14/2012 05:12 EDT

Couple hopeful 9 cm dream-home nightmare will end soon

A controversial stop-work order placed on a couple's partially-constructed home in Conception Bay South last spring may be lifted.

The order was issued after town officials learned the foundation of Steven Boyd and Karen Bursey’s new home, west of St. John’s, was laid nine centimetres too close to their neighbour's property.

Monday, after months of waiting, Boyd said he has been “led to believe” that C.B.S. town council will vote to accept one of the couple’s proposals to solve the problem on Tuesday evening.

“We just want to get our house built so we can move in and move forward with our lives,” he said.

The couple is suggesting two solutions: either cutting off part of the foundation that’s above ground or removing an entire section of the side of the house and then re-pouring a new section of foundation.

The expected cost of each option is roughly $25,000.

Boyd said it's been a difficult spring and summer.

“The general feeling has been total frustration. We elect people to council to represent us and really they certainly haven't done that,” he said.

Boyd said the couple intends to pursue legal action after meeting with a lawyer.