08/16/2012 09:59 EDT | Updated 10/16/2012 05:12 EDT

Former police chief's son tells B.C. court he killed ex-girlfriend

Mark Lindsay, the 25-year-old man who told a B.C. courtroom he killed his ex-girlfriend during a trial on unrelated charges, has been ordered by the judge to undergo a psychiatric assessment.

On Wednesday, the son of a former Edmonton police chief told the Kamloops, B.C., courtroom that he killed his ex-girlfriend Dana Turner.

Lindsay, who was testifying in his own defence for allegedly attacking an undercover police officer, said he killed Turner and dumped her body.

Turner, 31, was last seen on Aug. 14, 2011. Her remains were discovered two months later outside Innisfail, Alta.

Lindsay is charged with second-degree murder in Turner’s death, but the preliminary hearing in that case is not scheduled to start until January. Lindsay told the court on Wednesday that he believed Turner was part of a group of serial killers and was planning to kill him.

Turner's mother Wendy Yurko says she gets no comfort from the admission.

"I've kind of sat here this past year waiting for her to come home," Yurko said at her home in Fort Saskatchewan. "Emotionally waiting for her to come home, but logically knowing that she's not going to. That's the terrible limbo that I'm in every day."

The judge ordered that Lindsay undergo psychiatric evaluation for his claims that he was being targeted by serial killers.

He told the court he went to his father, John Lindsay, but that he did not believe his claims.

Crown prosecutor Will Burrows asked the court for the assessment.

“Mr. Lindsay testified that he had his own personal safety in mind when he attacked the undercover operator because in his mind he felt that person was part of a group that was trying to kill him,” Burrows said. “He insisted in his testimony that he is completely sane.”