08/16/2012 04:40 EDT | Updated 10/16/2012 05:12 EDT

Legault defends stance on sovereignty

Coalition Avenir Québec Leader Francois Legault is firing back at Bernard Landry, saying the former Parti Québecois premier is "in denial" about soveriegnty.

As a member of a former PQ government, Legault was a staunch supporter of Quebec sovereignty, but now at the helm of the CAQ, Legault's position has changed.

Legault served as Landry's health minster in 2002. During his time with the PQ, Legault had even drafted a potential budget for a possible country of Quebec.

But throughout the current election campaign, Legault has often been quoted saying he would vote "no" in a referendum, saying now is not the right time to do so.

Now, former PQ leader Bernard Landry is criticizing Legault's position on sovereignty and said he is putting his personal ambitions first. He made the comments in a media interview on Tuesday.

Legault defended himself today.

"I'm a nationalist and I think that for the next 10 years… I will never promote the sovereignty of Quebec. What we need is a coalition that will work on other matters," he told reporters.

"We have to stop denying. Some have done it and joined the Coalition and others like Mr. Landry have not done it already."

The Liberal Party has also been taking jabs at Legault's stance including in its latest attack ad.