Another Canadian retailer is about to mark a big anniversary: JACOB is turning 35. And to celebrate, they're launching a Heritage Collection that showcases some of the company's favourite fashions from the past few decades.

"We are thrilled to be bringing back some of our most popular style icons with a modern twist, which reflects the evolution of our fashion vision since JACOB was founded in 1977," exclaims Cristelle Basmaji, JACOB Style Expert and daughter of the company’s founders. "Our Canadian designers created a collection of chic separates in shades of black, chalk and red featuring our brand’s most iconic prints and textures, from polka dots to plaid, lace, tweed and bows."

Take a look at some of the classy designs you'll be able to nab at JACOB stores starting in September. (There's also a brief explanation about the history of each enduring style statement.)

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  • Polka Dots

    Created in the United Kingdom during the late nineteenth century and made famous in the fashion world during the 1980s by Carolina Herrera, polka dots have come to symbolize JACOB's joie the vivre. Ever-present at JACOB each season, they embellish a variety of the Heritage Collection's blouses, skirts and dresses as well as playful accessories like a polka dot and bow print scarf.

  • Lace

    While lace's history dates as far back as Flanders in the late 15th century, it made a huge comeback in 2008 thanks to Prada, who kick-started a lace renaissance that is still going strong. Lace was first integrated in JACOB collections as a chic trimming for more elegant pieces but it has since infiltrated every clothing category. Lace is prominently featured in the Heritage Collection's dresses, skirts and blouses and also serves as lining in blazers and as trimming on sweaters.

  • Bows

    While bows have long been associated with lingerie and special occasion dressing, they are increasingly used to adorn tops and dresses with a flirty touch. Bows play an important role in JACOB's fashion history given the femininity they add to any piece. They are more present than ever in this fall's Heritage Collection as they embellish a variety of t-shirts, blouses, belts and necklaces as well as a fabulous basket weave dress with large bows at the back.

  • Tweed

    Originating in Scotland in the 18th century, tweed was revived by designers like Dolce and Gabbana and Ralph Lauren. Tweed has always been part of JACOB's fall sportswear given the classic touch it brings to office dressing. To solidify its position as one of Canada's leading workwear destinations for women, JACOB is featuring tweed in its Heritage Collection, particularly on perfecto jackets.

  • Plaid

    While we can trace its origins as far back as the 5th century in Ireland, plaid edged its way into high fashion through the '90s grunge-rock movement thanks to designers like Vivienne Westwood. However, it's the preppy, schoolgirl look and the back-tobasics feel that inspired JACOB to give plaid the importance it deserves. The Heritage Collection showcases plaid skirts paired with flowy blouses and plaid dresses worn over contrast collared shirts.