Tickets to a charity concert featuring an iconic heavy metal band originally cost $5 but are now being sold for as much as $50 online.

Metallica is set to play Monday night as part of efforts to film two performances this weekend in 3D. The band has added a third "show" to shoot extra footage for editing purposes, the Vancouver Sun reports.

Proceeds from the third show are meant to go to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank but scalpers have taken advantage of the cheap tickets, selling them on Craigslist for as much as ten times the original amount.

As of Friday night at 7:30 p.m., there were no longer any postings for the Monday show that advertised the tickets for $50, but scalpers are nevertheless peddling them with the request that buyers "make an offer."

The Metallica charity concert won't necessarily be a regular performance. A film crew will interrupt the band and the musicians promise "lots of breaks" during the performance but they are promising a "full night of fun and games," CTV News reports.

Greater Vancouver Food Bank CEO Aart Schuurman Hess said the Metallica charity concert couldn't have come at a better time, adding that the organization has had to spend $80,000 on farm produce in recent weeks, Metro Vancouver reports.

“We had to put in the orders because our shelves are running really, really, really low, and that’s why we’re asking for help,” he said.

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