A routine highway check near Nanaimo has resulted in what's believed to be the first-ever seizure in B.C. of a new recreational drug called "bath salts."

Police found the drug, which has been associated with violently psychotic behaviour, in a search of a truck that was parked on the shoulder of the Trans Canada highway early Sunday morning, Nanaimo RCMP say.

The drug is so new that it has not yet been classified by Health Canada, but Const. Sherry Wade said the find is a concern.

“It's a synthetic drug, a stimulant, similar to cocaine. And there's lots of stories, particularly in the States, with people just really going insane,” Wade said.

Wade said police also found several kilograms of marijuana, along with methamphetamine, GHB, LSD, ecstasy, cocaine and $30,000 dollars in cash during the search.

A 43-year-old Esquimalt, B.C., man is facing several drug trafficking charges.

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